Flitepipe & Modified Bimini
for LarryG's '93 MC PS190
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Factory Modular Seat

Factory Seat
Seat top removed reveals center
step area and two storage trays.
Seat top has four splits in
the vinyl at the seams.
Starboard side armrest has puncture
marks from one of my cats!
I killed the cat but it came back
Guess it still has 8 lives!
The seat truly was not used very often and stored in my house (reason the cat puncture the armrest). However, when it was used, the seat top was stepped on by skiers coming back into the boat which eventually helped cause the splits in the vinyl at the seams.

Custom Sun Deck Bench

A piece of cardboard was used to determine the shape of the bench top as well as the pattern to cut out the top from a single piece of 1/2 inch plywood. After finish trimming the ply and rounding the edges to prevent abrading the vinyl upon covering, I built the under support out of 2x3's (2x4's would have been serious overkill) and legs from more 1/2 inch ply. The bench was designed with a third leg, however, upon final assembly the whole structure was so strong, it was not necessary. This worked out great since it opens the whole area up for storage. After a trial assembly, the structure was painted with a couple coats of enamel then off to the upholstery shop. The guy charged me $175 to cover it. He not only matched the curve in the bench but given measurements, was able to slope the rear edge to help match that in the boat.

Once covered, the legs were reattached. When placed in the boat, I saw what you see in the pics ... a nice sun deck / bench for a 1993 MC PS190.

The "shoes" mentioned were created as sacrificial pieces to avoid the plywood leg edges from being on wet carpet possibly causing delamination. The shoes have yet to require replacement and likely never will. The shoes also provided a larger footprint for the leg, however, that was really not necessary.
This is my $200 custom bench.
Another view
Lots of storage space underneath.
View of starboard leg and "shoe".
Side View
View from astern.
Close up of leg with shoe.
Placement of shoe.
Bench flipped out.
Close up of shoe. Made from
a piece of poplar with some
quarter round and then several
coats of danish oil.
Bench on floor. Notice lawn mower ... the bench is big.
1/8 inch nylon cord bowlined to
eyebolt ties to handrail as insurance
while trailering without the cover.
NOTE: Departure has never occurred!
View of bottom.
Another view of bottom.
Close up of port leg without shoe.
Close up of middle support
mounting slot. Also, a
breathing hole with internal
cloth covering protecting
the 3 inch foam.
Port side of aft seat edge.
The dimples are caused by the
screw heads mounting the shower pump.
Starboard side of aft seat edge.
Two small puncture marks on side
wall upholstery immediately
behind driver's seat.