R/C Waterski Shop
River Run 1999
25 SEP 99 .... The day started out at the shop at 10:00am for a "Best Rig" Competition ... the winner still to be announced! After a little admiring of each other's boats and tow vehicles ... it was off to the RIVER!

We put in at Hamburg Ferry in Elsberry and locked through at Clarksville. Then headed on up to Louisiana and Twin Rivers Marina for some lunch. After chowing down ... we made our way to the Salt River for some much desired skiing. The river was a good width and provided an abundance of smooth water for all types of skiing.

Below are some pics from the trip. And more may be added later ... especially the BEST RIG winner.

Click on the photo you wish to see full size

Now, we know ...

what the Tidy Bowl ...

Man Feels Like!

Up the Salt River

Claim your Water!

So that's where
the engine is!

There is a footer
there somewhere!

Kickin' Back on
the Salt River

A WakeBoard Bimini

Who's Next?

Walkin' on Water!
(with a little help)


Louisiana Bridge Coming

Louisiana Bridge Going

What a pretty view!

Back at the Lock!

Now, we wait!

And .. wait some more!

They Really Waited!

Still a happy camper!

At least we got
to visit some more!


Tony displays the
latest in Towel Skirts

In the Lock!
Down we go!