Floridaze ...

Jeem and his Batteries!
He is such a good dooby!
On Black Creek
Jim All Stressed Out
On St John River 1
On St John River 2
On St John River 3
Time in the Kitchen
Lee & Jeem
Lou Reading Again
Jeem Doin' Kitchen Duty
Jeem Kitchen Mugg Shot
Larry Snoozin'
Hey, who took this?
Jim & Lou OnDaBeach
Larry OnDaBeach
Our Hosts OnDaBeach
Without Flash
Our Hosts OnDaBeach
With Flash
Florida Petting Zoo
Big Lizards
More Big Lizards
Lotsa Little Lizards
Group Photo 1
Group Photo 2
Group Photo 3
JAX Landing 1
JAX Landing 2
JAX Landing 3
Impromptu Jeem Shot
Jim & Lou
Eyes Wide Shut
Jim & Lou
Eyes Wide Open