Bull Shoals Lake HOUSEBOAT TRIP 2001

Greetings fellow Lake Oddities! Well, we did it again ... managing to cheat mother nature out of another great weekend weather wise! As most know we had a total of 25 people this year ... a full crew +1!

This year, we again had several NEW members join us. It was a pleasure to have LoriMc, MikeB, CheriB, JanelleK, GayleG, EricC and BarbaraW aboard for the first time!! It was equally nice to have TerryO and now wife TracyO (another HB marriage) back with us.

I think it is safe to say that all present had a rip-snortin' good time! As promised ... lotsa water, sun, fun and food! Can you believe we ate those three fantastic dinners for less than $13.18 per person (some of that was paper goods and supplies)!!! Kudos to the grill cooks ... TerryO, MarkS and GaryW. Also I want to thank TammyB for her dinner efforts as well as the other ladies who chipped in to get things ready. Gee, can't forget my Mom either ... her side dishes, tomatoes and other veggies were quite liked by most all. Those of you that wanted the zuchini recipe ... I will post it shortly. As was the case last year, GaryW and MarkY's wow'd us with an even better fireworks display. And we can not forget those event T-Shirts ... great job GayleG and MarkM (with an assist by MarkY).

As I mentioned, the finances were tallied up and we had an overage of $9.52 per person. As I provide each year for the folks who wish to see how their money was spent ... you can view a Financial Summary by clicking on the highlighted phrase. This money will be refunded to you at the BBQ or by mail if you are unable to attend.

On the subject of LOST and FOUND ... the unclaimed items I brought home can be viewed by clicking on the highlighted phrase. If the item(s) belong to you, you may pick them up at the Post-HB BBQ. If you will not be attending the BBQ then let me know what item(s) are yours and we can make other arrangements. Also, if you are missing something that is not shown please inform me and I will post it.

Please ... DO NOT FORGET to THANK those individuals who brought their water toys for ALL to enjoy! That would be TomB with his brand spankin' new Malibu Sunsetter LXI and ski equipment; MarkS with his Ski Nautique, slalom course and ski equipment; MikeB with his skin peeling Baja; JimT with his waverunners; and yours truly for the MasterCraft, ski equipment and Jet Ski. Also ... another pat on JeffK's back for that stupendous PVC ladder he built last year but still held up fine even after we ate all that food!

Again, I thank you all for making it a fun and safe trip. I look forward to the Post-HB BBQ to look through all the pictures that were taken. I have begun making the HB2001 On-Line Photo Album so please make two sets of prints or allow me to borrow them for scanning ... or if they are electronic, get them to me one way or another and I will upload them to the site...

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