Bull Shoals Lake HOUSEBOAT TRIP 2003

Awwwww yeahhhhh! Another awesome trip to BSL was had by all the participants! This was a really good group this year. Everyone played well together and no one went home mad! haha Thank you all very much for coming down and making the trip another one to remember.

As always, I like to acknowledge the HB virgins and say thanks to them for coming along this year. And that would be: JC & MarshaB, SusanR, LaurenG, VanessaB and LizS! Always nice to have some new blood on the trip cause we need new people to abuse! Several of last year's HB weeergins returned this year so it was nice to have them repeat their presence!

Next Wednesday (Aug 06) from 6-?pm will be our post HB HH at Bahama Breeze on the northwest corner of the Chesterfield Mall grounds. Again, just get to Chesterfield Mall ... and take the "outer mall road" to the northwest corner (along Hwy 40)... you can't miss it. Hopefully all will have your photos ready for viewing at the HH. If you can, please provide me with an electronic copies, actual dupes or let me borrow the originals to put on the website for all to enjoy. It will be hard to top last year's photo collection as many people took a few rolls which really made the website fun to look at. Hopefully someone documented the surprise birthday cake, our feeble attempt at 6 slalom skiers, sky ski antics, fireworks, and all the other countless activities.

On the subject of finances, all turned out pretty much right on the money. My estimate was a refund of $1.99 per person ... the actual is $2.38! WooHoo! Don't spend it all in one place! You can view the Financial Summary by clicking on the highlighted phrase. I will pick up the tip at the HB HH with the slight surplus! Luckily the marina did not charge us for coming in so late. Tim Morgan, the owner, commented on how good a group we are at returning his property in decent shape so was not inclined to charge us. Luckily he only had to quickly detail one boat since I kept the other for the rest of the week so the job was still doable in the time they had. I will pass out the refunds at the HH. Also available at the HH will be the LOST and FOUND items. AprilM claimed the Cancun t-shirt and MarshaB the flags and hat but all else is still unclaimed.

As always, your compliments given to me for arranging the trip are much appreciated. I want to thank everyone for making the duty roster work. Finding people to help has never been a problem ... just coordinating that help has been the issue. Knowing what to do and when to do it ... so I think the roster helped that to some degree. A trip like that requires everyones' help and cooperation to make it successful, safe and an enjoyable ... so again, THANKS for making OUR trip fun!

I always like to give special thanks to those who provide their equipment for the fun of all those in attendance ... Mark&JanS, Mike&CheriB, JC&MarshaB, Tom&TammyB and yours truly for providing boats and ski equipment. Please extend a BIG thank you to these folks next time you see them. Thanks also to GaryW for picking up some good fireworks and the duo team of MarkM and GayleG for the continuing awesome tshirt design. Once again, we were graced with the melodic tunes of Evil John's guitar serenades which have been a highlight of the trip for me the last two years! Unfortunately, we did not have the 2nd Annual LarryG HB Show Ski Team Pyramid (guess without KurtL it just wasn't the same) but the "moon glow girls", four double skiers and the unknown naked barefooter made up for it! Last but not least, I want to thank MamaG for the food she prepared. I will have the zucchini casserole recipe with me at the HH for those who want a copy. I do have one last kudo that deserves another mention ... to JeffK for his PVC ladder concept ... we have used that thing for four years now and have had several other houseboater's comment on how they wish they had it!

Keep your fingers crossed for next year! If Tim does not sell that privatized boat by the end of this season, he is supposed to rent again next year. I have tentatively reserved two boats for 23-26 July 2004 ... a couple weeks later which is more normal for us. If he does sell the one, the other two will be converted to private boats this winter and up for sale next year. If that is the case, we may be having our 1st Annual HB Memorial Dinner somewhere in Clayton! haha

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