Angel & Alexa

Lawrence's New Kittens

(SuzyQ is staying full time in ARK)
SEP 2003
Look what I found napping in the observer site of my ski boat!
JUN 2003
APR 2003
These two don't always sleep together but nap together once in a while!
Watch me dive into this mug!
See, told you I could do it!
Crap, my head is stuck!
Alexa keeps an eye on
the computer mouse!
FEB 2003
Angel relaxes on the desk.
Alexa relaxes in the paper tray!
Got Angel's attention
Sleeping in the paper tray!
Watching the Cat on the computer
What a face!
Alexa exploring
Caught both of them!
Getting ready to play
Alexa still exploring
Enjoying the wood stove
Big Yawn
Enjoying the wood stove