19 JAN 2002 @ LSL

The area's first big snow ... so we thought we would celebrate!
Glad none of us can throw!
Getting Ready!
Yes, that is a hair dryer &
Yes, it did work!
LSL on a snowy day!
TonyK suited up
JayS getting ready
TonyK lacing up
OK ... what is wrong
with this pic?
TK Doin' It To It!
He did not fall once!
LarryG Ready To Go
LarryG heading for the wake
LarryG cranking out to the side
Coming In Again
Facing Backwards
Coasting Out On The Right
LarryG Pre-Grab!
JayS Turn
Look Out for the Cleat!
JayS Ice Skimming
JayS Jumping
Libby Could Not Resist
Our Charms!
OR a dry suit & a Board!
Chatting with Libby's Folks
The FAM Pic
Libby's #1 Backroll
Libby's #2 Backroll
Libby's #3 Backroll
Com'in out of Ice Skimming
Heading for the dock
Libby Slipping Off the Lift
Heading Home!

09 DEC 2001 on the Mississippi River

Well we have December in now!
Another Great Day
of Winter Skiing
JayS does a
platform launch!
TonyK Just Enjoying The
Warmth Of His Clothes!

19 OCT 2001 on the Illinois River

JayS Suiting Up
A Flock Of B.A. Pelicans
LarryG Ready To Go
View of Grafton #1
View of Grafton #2
View of Grafton #3
View of Grafton #4
View of Grafton #5
View of Grafton #6